• A research study based on

    intercultural cooperation

The Centre for Coordination of Research (CIRAD) is a service of the IFCU. CIRAD’s mission consists of promoting interuniversity and multidisciplinary research within the framework of intercultural and international cooperation. CIRAD offers a platform for encounter, debate, production, circulation of knowledge and publications, in order to permanently question the challenges posed to human, scientific and social development. For the research, the CIRAD allowed 5 Universities to trend twenty-five Master’s students to strengthen their professional skills as social workers, legal experts, lawyers, sociologists and political scientists.

We believe in a systemic approach to reduce the rate of school dropout. This approach involves bringing together parents/ schools and children around different activities that we are conducting. For now, more than 90 teachers have already been encouraged to integrate a psychological and a systemic approach in their practice. Finally, more than 30 humanitarian and social workers have been sensitized to our results and our systemic approach to reduce dropout rates from school.  

Our next and last step will be to develop a game. Our goal is to raise the awareness of at least 5 000 teenagers in the next 6 months. This game will be available online starting from November 2018 on this website. By the way, we expect more than 400 family representatives to be included and sensitized during open meetings within the slum. These open meetings will be carried out by leaders and students involved in this research from september 2018 to december 2018.

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